My favorite thing = shoes

When you see someone walking, what do you see from that person? The average person answering to see “face”, sometimes people also look at his clothes, his appearance and only a few people like me, I saw his shoes. Why do I see the shoes? I love shoes! I am the type who tend to buy shoes than clothes. I have a huge collection of shoes and some of which I only use once – twice just because I have a regular daily shoes I use to campus and shoes that I use only for the specific event like a party for example.

In my opinion, the shoes reflect the personal part. Keds shoes are usually used by men as well as the many activities that tomboyish women. Leather shoes are used by people who work and want to look perfectly. the types of women’s shoes also reflects the woman’s personal. Pump shoes that ends the round usually favored women who often have to walk so as not to make his feet hurt and tired but also wants to look pretty feminine. Many friends are a student using a flat shoes on campus, me too. Flat shoes that have no heels and flat is so comfortable for walk. High heels favored by women who want to look elegant and sexy. I only have three high-heeled shoes for the first graduation ceremony of high school graduation I (I never wear again) and others I purchased for events or special occasion party. My other shoes are Keds shoes and flat shoes. It was obvious that I’m the kind of woman who likes activity and needs comfortable shoes that I use for jogging or walking fast and my foot will not tired at all.

I love watching other people’s shoes. I would often say to myself “Wow, nice shoes!” or “I should buy a shoes like that!”. I also often criticized other people’s shoes in secret, “the color of his shoes too obvious” or “very tacky shoe model”, ahahaha .. I also often complimented my friend’s shoes immediately. And my friends also often praised even asked where I bought the shoes because I do like to buy shoes with designs and unique colors. If I have become a rich woman (amin..), I will become a collector of shoes, ahaha ..
So, what is your favorite things?