What’s Next?

after becoming a bachelor of industrial engineering in ITS, one of the best university in the world.. I’d start my day with one simple question : what’s next? what am I gonna do next?

I have a dream to become an entrepreneur. a real business woman. a real fighter. One year ago, me and my friend had start our “campus project” dedicated for our study of technopreneur. this campus project started with my idea to bring a cup corn product. and we made a success. we have become the biggest profitable project in our class. and I had an idea of making this project = bigger than ever.

I’d talk to my parents that I will become an entrepreneur, and they support it. I love my parents so much! but I will also try to get a job.. doing a test, qualification, and so on.. whatever it will be, I will become a rich woman! 🙂 amiiin…